Hunter Douglas Screen Shades in Rental Units

Screen Shades

49% of condos and apartments in Toronto are rentals! Just because you are only renting your home, doesn’t make it any less important to decorate. There are many different options in window coverings that look great but aren’t too costly.

In Canada, we have long, cold winters. Most of the heat in your home is actually lost through the glass of those big condo windows. Even if you’re lucky enough to have one of those beautiful unobstructed views, blinds aren’t used just for privacy. Just by putting a simple and inexpensive Hunter Douglas screen shades on your window can do wonders! Not only does a Hunter Douglas screen shades from Supershade provide you with energy savings and UV protection, but you can also choose a percentage that will still allow you to see that gorgeous view.

As more and more buildings are popping up on what seems like every corner, unfortunately, privacy becomes more of an issue. Hunter Douglas screen shades can also provide complete privacy by selecting a more dense fabric or lower percentage.

Hunter Douglas screen shades made to your advantage

Not only is it important to protect your furniture and artwork from the harsh UV rays, but it is also scientifically proven that a dark room is essential to a proper, healthy sleep. Even if you are an early riser, it’s important to give your body the rest that it needs. With the increase in the condo density, there are more lights shining into your home even at night! With Hunter Douglas screen shades from Supershade, it’s possible to choose a 0% which is an entirely opaque blind. Imagine how rested you will feel as you are lulled to sleep in a dark and calm environment.

Even if you are planning to leave your rental after a few years, you still have a few options. You can ask your landlord if they’d be willing to split the cost of your blinds with you. You can also bring your blinds with you to your next address. Almost all of Hunter Douglas’ blinds can be cut to width and height! At Supershade, we can facilitate the process by picking up the blinds from your old rental and shipping themselves with the new measurements to Hunter Douglas in Brampton, Ontario. Then we will come and install them in your new home.