How to Pick the Best Colour for Your Custom Shades

Custom Shades

With a multitude of fabrics and colours available from Hunter Douglas, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. At Supershade, with our years of experience, we have become colour experts!  Although the most common colour purchased is white, there’s no need to fear a splash of colour on your windows.

The first matter to determine is what type of look for your home you would like to achieve. Are you looking for a colour that is going to pop and stand out? The Elan Architella fabric from Hunter Douglas Duette is available in 48 colours! How about brilliant blue topaz blinds on your bedroom windows to evoke feelings of being by the sea. Or why not adding pesto blinds on your kitchen window as you taste that delicious Italian dish! Children especially love the bright and bold colours available in both honeycomb lines, Duette and Applause.

Variety of colours in Hunter Douglas custom shades

Are you looking instead for a colour to blend with the walls in your home? Hunter Douglas’ designer screen shade come in many different custom shades of white, beige, etc. There is a shade in every percentage to match any room. The best way to blend your screen shade into your room is to hold the swatch up directly to your wall.

Don’t forget that the sunlight streaming through the screens will alter the colour during the day. That is where our colour expertise come into play. We have seen the fabrics in all different lighting situations, and we’ll be happy to show you which Hunter Douglas shade fabrics stay the whitest through the day and which fabrics diffuse best the light.

Residents of both houses and condos love to have white backing for uniformity on the back of their blinds. Hunter Douglas’ Duettes all come with a plain white backing or a natural streetside backing no matter how bright the colour on the front! Not all Hunter Douglas’ custom shades come with a white backing, but we at Supershade will be more than happy to show you the ones that do!