motorized blinds toronto
Did you know that your blinds can wake you up in the morning? Yes, it’s possible with Hunter Douglas intelligent shades. But how? Our PowerView motorized blinds Toronto can adjust themselves in the morning, noon and night. Simply program PowerView motorizing system to raise or close your window treatments to the desirable level.

Once PowerView has been programmed, it will allow your blinds to go up at the same time every morning to welcome the morning sun. PowerView will also come in as a nice feature at night when, after a long day, the last thing you want is to deal with all those annoying cords and chains made to lift the blind. Get in touch with us at Supershade to learn more about motorized blinds Toronto. Our experts will be more than happy explain all the features and benefits of PowerView operating system.

Motorized blinds Toronto that simplify your life

Motorized blinds Toronto can simplify your life on so many levels. Imagine your window treatments adjusting themselves to ideal room ambiance. Also, all of our product are available with this lifting system, so you don’t have to worry, simply choose a style that speaks to you. PowerView lifting system can be operated via mobile application or Pebble remote control.

A remote control allows you to pre-set and manage up to six different window treatments. You just have to press a button, individually or together, to select a perfect ambiance to your living area, bedroom or family room. It is also possible to wall mount your remote on the wall ensuring it never gets lost. Our Pebbles come in different colours – white, clear white, black, red, green, blue and gray.

There is a significant importance in motorized blinds Toronto when it comes to window treatments installed onto very high up windows – for example, skylight windows, media room windows, loft windows, etc. Also, keep in mind, our PowerView blinds are battery operated which simplifies your life even more. You don’t have to have a technician every time your blinds stop working. Simply change batteries inside the remote and inside the battery wand that is usually located on top of your blind, behind the headrail. For more complex issues, please contact us at Supershade and we will be more than happy to assist you or send a technician to inspect and/or repair your blind.

In addition, among with functionality, ease to use, simplicity, PowerView motorization creates a safer environment for homes with small children and pets. Make sure your loved ones can safely live and play in the familiar and cozy environment without constantly being worried about every step they take. Learn more about motorized blinds Toronto by contacting us at Supershade!

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