Child Safety Blinds and Shades

child safety blinds

Child safety blinds for children’s bedrooms

Bringing home your baby to the nursery room that you created is one of life’s most beautiful moments! Did you know, though, that your window coverings have the potential to cause serious injury or even death? Children love to explore their surroundings, and what could be more enticing than dangling cords to grab with their little hands. Children and cords simply do not mix. We at Supershade offer several different options in child safety blinds.

At Supershade, we have your children’s safety close to our hearts.

All of Hunter Douglas’ custom blinds are available with inexpensive or even free cordless options!

Not only are cords are an obvious no no, so is too much light! A dark room is essential to healthy sleep habits for children! As well, solve any naptime drama by darkening the room as much as possible. We have many options for black out blinds at Supershade with a wide range of pricing to suit your family’s needs.

Roller Shades and Screen Shades

One of the best blinds for children’s bedrooms is the Designer Roller Shade or Designer Screen Shade. These blinds offer a clean and contemporary look.  There are hundreds of fabric choices plain, patterned, textured etc. Hunter Douglas created a patented LITERISE system which allows you to raise and lower your blind by touching a simple tab. This tab allows for complete precision to place the blind exactly where you like, with no cords or tassels.  Depending on the choice of fabric, these blinds are one of the ways to provide total black out in your children’s bedroom.


Another great blind for black out in children’s bedrooms is the APPLAUSE. This is a cellular blind which provides complete black out and energy efficiency as well. The APPLAUSE blind is a great solution for children’s bedrooms because it is an inexpensive blind but still strong enough to handle rough treatment from energetic kids. Also, child safety blinds don’t have to be too pricey. To keep budgeting parents in mind, Hunter Douglas released the SIMPLE LIFT lifting system as a free upgrade possible for all APPLAUSE blinds! The blind is raised or lowered simply by pulling up or down the bottom bar. It is simple to use and free, just ask us at Supershade if the SIMPLE LIFT lifting system is right for you!

Whole House Solution

There are so many different types of blinds and there is a guaranteed style to suite everyone’s taste! Your child’s safety doesn’t end in the bedroom! Hunter Douglas’ world renowned Silhouette is available with LITERISE, even a modern roman shades are available with LITERISE. Essentially any Hunter Douglas blind is available with a convenient, cord free option. Supershade is here to help to not only help you make the best decisions for the look of your home, but also to ensure your children’s safety at all times!