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We know how important it is to have a good quality sleep. However, it is not achievable if you have light coming into your bedrooms whether it’s a street light at night or the rising sun light in the morning. We have a solution for you. Our blackout blinds will make you sleep like a baby! Also, blackout blinds Toronto will transform your room into the cinema when watching a movie. Closing your blinds completely will reduce television glare completely. We offer various blind options for room darkness.

Blackout blinds are not the same as room darkening. A key is in the fabric or a blind type. Room darkening fabrics still let some natural light in the room and they won’t eliminate the light completely. Also, always keep in mind the light gap on each side of the blind. This is something that mostly depends on the shape and the type of your window. However, it can easily be avoided if you choose a product that fits your windows best. If you wish to receive more information about blackout blinds Toronto, please contact us today!

A blackout blinds Toronto features and advantage

One of our most popular blackout blinds is Duette. This is a honeycomb shaped blind that is also great for insulation. Its energy efficiency benefit keeps your room cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This is because it’s designed with an unique cellular shape that holds air in honeycomb pockets. The Duette blind comes in many different fabrics modern, textured or natural, as well as in different colours ranging from neutral to bold colours. They are also great for reducing an outside noise which is extremely important if your house or a condo is very close to busy roads or a downtown area.

Blackout blinds Toronto do not necessarily have to be honeycomb shaped. There are several different options for every taste and budget. A number one budget friendly blackout blinds Toronto are definitely screen and roller shades. Not only they block the light completely, they also offer very sleek and modern look that compliments every window or a door. The rest of our blackout blinds Toronto options include Solera, Vignette, Everwood or Silhouette Duolite. Always keep in mind that the room darkening and a blackout factor depends on the product, fabric and texture.

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